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About Us

Stefani Longshamp
Olga Pasternak - sound design i montaż dźwięku
Recording / Sound design: Olga Pasternak

Her career begun as an assistant of Oscar-winning french sound designer Nicolas Becker. Starting with a movie about the story of submarine catastrophe Kursk, then she worked in France on a various films and series gaining the experience in all sound-linked fields : sound design, dialogue editing, ADR supervising, foley recording, music editing... This knowledge mixed with 12 years of classical music education and 5-year Sound Engineering studies at University of Music in Warsaw and ENSLL in Paris gave her a plethora of abilities that she uses while working on sound for motion pictures. Now based in Warsaw, she continue working with french as well as polish productions. 

Recently she worked as part of sound crew for the series like Lupin, Infiniti and Around the World in 80 days and the last film of the directors of french blockbuster Intouchables - A Difficult Year.

Olga's IMDb site

Max Reinert
Yohan Boisgontier - miks i produkcja muzyczna
Mix / Re-recording / Music:
Yohan Boisgontier

Passionate about music and somewhat of a nerd for sound engineering tools, Yohan mixes music and film without distinction. After his career started in Paris, producing and mixing pop music in partnership with the studio Motif Music, he settled in Warsaw working as a re-recording mixer for TV, advertisement and dubbing.  Confident in his technical foundation thanks to his master degree in sound engineering from ENS Louis Lumière, Yohan uses his mastery in two very different approches to mixing - music and film - to elevate his attention to detail in both fields.

As a musician and composer, Yohan explores the permeable border between acoustic and electronic music. Jazz, neo-soul and repetive orchestral music are mostly the genres that drives him back to producing and playing.

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